4 Most Common Stag Party Mistakes

Read this to find out how your Stag can go wrong, and how to avoid it!

Stag parties are a great way to let loose with your mates. But they can often go wrong for a few easily avoidable reasons. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when planning their Stag Party:

Stag Party Mistakes

Bad Communication

Surprise Stag Do’s can be great, but they can also difficult to plan. Try to gather some valuable info about what kind of Stag Party the groom wants. Try to gather this info as far in advance as possible so it doesn’t look too suspicious. Get a general sense of the groom’s personality and try to get a run down of who he’d like to be there. Ask friends and family for vital info so it all doesn’t go south on the day! 🙈


Don’t wait till the last minute to start the preparations. Stag Parties are often more difficult to plan than regular parties since they usually take place in some other part of the country, and you can’t plan it in person. Depending on the event, you may have to do a lot of booking. So you have to be aware of the price of everything so you can set the right price for the party. Make a list of what you’re doing and how much it will cost. Seriously, write it down. ✏

Bad planning

Your event should go from location to location with minimum down time. This is why every event should be written in stone before the start of the party. And for that reason, you, the organizer, should try to keep a clear head at least until the very end of the event. That way, you’ll save your party from falling into chaos. Of course if you go with one of our Pub Tours, there’s no need to worry 💪🏻. We’ll pick you up and drop you off where you need to be.

Too much drinking

Drinking more on a Stag than you usually would on a night out isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but keep your limits in mind! You should definitely try to limit yourself if the Stag is lasting a couple of days. Try to make sure each evening that you’ll be able to continue the celebrations or take the journey home when the morning comes!

So there you have it! Clear communication is key, don’t procrastinate too much, plan carefully and drink responsibly and you have the recipe to a successful Stag Party…

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